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In this film, Hoffman sets a series of traps for an insurance executive, William Easton, and his employees.

Meanwhile, the FBI trails Peter Strahm, now suspected of being Jigsaw's last accomplice, and Hoffman is drawn into motion to protect his secret identity.

Flashbacks show that that John met William at the opening of Jill's clinic and took issue with his formula for only deeming policyholders worthy of coverage.

After his cancer was diagnosed, John's coverage request for an experimental Norwegian treatment was rejected by William.

The game is viewed by a woman named Tara and her son Brent from a cage below the observation room, which contains a tank of hydrofluoric acid and a switch marked "Live" and "Die".

Tara is informed by a videotape of Kramer that she can either kill William or free him using the switch; when she is unable to make a decision, Brent angrily shifts the switch and a bed of needles swings down and injects William's body with the acid, killing him.

Also present is Lindsey Perez, whose survival was covered up by Erickson for her protection. Adam Heffner, the coroner who performed the autopsies for all of the Jigsaw victims thus far, that the knife used to cut the jigsaw piece from Eddie's flesh was only used once before, on Seth Baxter.